Thursday, December 1, 2016

Winter musings !

The forgotten pink crocs are back on my feet,
the ugly green sweater is out of the cupboard,
the cooking oil is frozen and staring back at me,
the soup recipes are all bookmarked,
the hair oil refuses to come out of the bottle,
It's time to chill,
Yes, Winter knows it's time to chill.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Romantic In Me !

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Six years ago I met this Awesome guy; He came to my house with his family. What happened there was love at first sight (for me) and love at many many sights for him! Few weeks later, our engagement date was fixed. I started getting phone calls from him. In return, I started writing letters to him. My theory was, phone calls will only generate phone bills whereas, letters will live longer. One day, they will tell not only my grand kids but also my great grand kids, how much their Great grandma loved their Great grand dad! 

Friday, March 4, 2016

You & Me !

Some relationships don't have a Name!
They don't have a destination to reach together,
Yet they exist beautifully.
Don't analyse, what is You and Me!
Don't let guilt ruin You and Me!
Let us just be... You and Me.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Magical words!

Kanthari was hurt. The hostility her own kith and kin was showing towards her was hurting her. “What did I do to deserve this hatred?” she thought. It was the week before her periods, the time when her hormones starts playing tricks on her tear glands. Inji kuttan was puzzled to see his Kanthari amma quietly making her evening tea. She didn’t care about the usual mischief he was up to! With a grave face she quietly took her cup of tea and sat down on the living room sofa. Inji closed the fridge and was kneely observing her now. He kept his distance, not knowing what to do! But his little brain knew something was bothering his mother. Tears started rolling down her eyes without any warning. She couldn’t stop it. Inji stood there perplexed, thinking, “Now what did I do to make her cry.” He was sure he didn’t do any mischief to upset her to this extent.
Kantari couldn’t face him, she was staring at her tea cup in her hands. Inji quietly walked towards her. She looked at him, with tears still rolling down her cheeks. With his tiny, chubby hands he wiped her tears, his eyes still puzzled at the reason why his mother was crying. Then the most caring words came out of his mouth, “Potte… Potte, Potte.” (Meaning, Leave it!)

 Kantari broke  into a smile, pulled Inji close to her, made him sit on her lap and hugged him tightly.  By then, he understood everything is alright in her world. He had that proud look on his face. Now he knows the magical words to make her tears go away.

The First Ride back home!

It was Inji kuttan’s first ride back home from school in his school van. Kanthari was excited. She quickly took a bath, got dressed in her best outfit and waited half an hour before the expected time. She dreamt of her son’s face. How excited he would be to see her! While she was lost in her thoughts the school van appeared at her front gate. She ran towards the gate with so much happiness and what did she see? For a moment, Inji’s face brightened up with surprise to see his mother out of nowhere. The next moment reality struck him, it was his turn to get down and say goodbye to his friends. His mother was there to pick him up and take him away from his friends. As Kanthari tried to take little Inji in her arms, he pulled back with all his strength and started wailing. The van driver, the school Aaya and the remaining kids in the van looked at us surprised and shocked.

There are kids who cry to go to school and then there are kids like Injikuttan who cries to come back home!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Dilemma of a Family Photographer

This October, it will be Amma's 18th death anniversary. Flipping through the 
family album is considered a happy activity among most families around the 
world. On the contrary, it has always made me sad because of the fact that 
there are only very few photographs of myself and Amma in it. There are plenty 
of photographs of myself with my brother, photographs of my birthdays with my 
father and brother, little me reading the newspaper with my father, etc. Her 
absence from most of the photographs kept me pondering about my 
relationship with her for a really long time.

Now, I've become a Mother myself. I'm also the family photographer. Today I 
understand the dilemma & predicament of a family photographer. I'm here 
capturing all these family photographs but I'm never in any of them! If I could 
travel back in time, I would happily introduce to her the concept of 'Selfies'.

Here is a picture of my 1 and a 1/2 year old son, Kedaar, lying on my chest. 
That’s how he likes to fall asleep whenever he can. Advance Mother's day wishes to all my readers.